Recover lost data in android

How To Recover Lost Data In Android 2017

You can recover accidentally deleted or lost data from your device using the Dr.Fone software (which works for both rooted and non-rooted devices). If you’re using a rooted Android phone or tablet, you can try to recover deleted files from your Android device using the free Undeleter App available in the Play Store. Follow the following simple steps to get your deleted files back.

1.) Download and Install the Software on Your Computer

First, Download the Dr.Fone for Android tool onto your computer; be sure to access the tool from a safe and trusted source. 


2.) Start the Program and Connect Your Android Device



3.) Enable USB Debugging Mode On Your Android


If the "USB Debugging" setting on your Android device was not activated before, you will likely see a new window on your device asking you to allow this USB debugging process to begin now. Follow the onscreen instructions to allow USB debugging to occur. The onscreen instructions will ask you to decouple your Android device from your PC at the appropriate time.


4.) Start Scanning Your Android Phone or Tablet


After the debugging process has ended, you will need to reconnect your Android device to your PC with your USB cable. After the Dr.Fone Android data recovery software detects your Android device, click "start" to have program analyze the data on your Android device. (If there is a long period of total inactivity, restart the software. Otherwise, be patient, as the data analysis can take many minutes to complete.)


5.) Recover Your Deleted Data

View the list of files the program has found and check the box next to each item you want to restore. This program will save all of these files in a designated folder on your PC's hard drive. When you buy a new Android device or have your existing device fixed, you will be able to transfer all of your saved data from your PC to your new or fixed Android device.

 6.) Recover Deleted Files from Android Using the Undelete App (only works for Rooted devices)


If your Android device is rooted, you can use the app called Undeleter Recover Files & Data to recover any deleted files from your SD card of your Android phone or tablet. 

Now, follow the 3 simple steps below to restore your files:

(a)dowload by Fahrbot Mobile onto your Android device; be sure to access the app from a safe and trusted source like the Google Play store.

(b). Choose the onscreen option to scan either your internal or external memory. If you don't know which one to select, use Undelete to scan the internal memory first and examine the results. If you don't see the files you need, run Undelete a second time to examine the external memory, or viceversa. Wait several minutes for each scan to complete; each scan might take up to 10 minutes.

(c). The results of the data scan will be presented on screen in tabular format, so you will be able to retrieve music/audio, video, pictures/photographs/graphics, documents and other files, going category by category to make your selections. Indicate which files you wish to save, and these files will be restored to their original places. For example, if a particular photograph was originally stored in an external memory folder called"Downloads," then that photograph will be returned to the "Downloads" folder.

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